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The XOR Mission

The XOR Academy is an avocational (meaning not meant for vocational training) art course with the mission of disproving the notion that people are either "logical" xor "creative" by teaching anyone to paint what they see in a gradual and logical way.

The slogan LOGIC ^ ART ^ TRUTH comes from the XOR operation in computers which uses the symbol ^. An Exclusive OR (XOR) means that two statements can be true, or false, but both can't be true. An interesting property of XOR is it undoes a previous XOR, so we can undo the belief of LOGIC ^ ART with ^ TRUTH.

This project accomplishes this goal by teaching people how to paint what they see as a way to study the TRUTH of the reality of what they perceive. By studying this style of painting it's hoped that people will learn about their world and realize that they don't have to be an "artist" to enjoy the truth of their visual experience.

"Photography is an art. It forces artists to discard their old routine and forget their old formulas. It has opened our eyes and forced us to see that which previously we have not seen; a great and inexpressible service for Art. It is thanks to photography that Truth has finally come out of her well. She will never go back."
Jean-Léon Gérôme

Course Curriculum

Pay What's Fair

The XOR Academy uses a "Pay What's Fair" model that lets you pay what you think the course is worth after you are sure you want to study more. After you register you'll be able to try the first module with no obligation to pay. If you wish to continue then you'll be asked to pay what's fair to continue. Doing this allows people who can't afford the course to still study, and lets those who can afford it to help pay for the course's expenses.

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About The Teacher

Zed A. Shaw is a programmer by day and a painter by day. He's been painting and drawing since 2013 and programming for even longer. His primary artistic interests are landscape painting, painting outside (known as Plein Air Painting), and self-portraits. You can follow him on Instagram @zedshaw.